Have a great product or service but aren’t sure why sales aren’t coming in?

Your customers are out there, you’re just not connecting.

Maybe it is time to update your website. Maybe you do fumble explaining what you do in person and online. Maybe you do need a clear strategy to attract new buyers. Whatever it is, it shouldn’t be keeping you stuck.


Hey you, incredibly smart + dedicated entrepreneur, welcome!

I’m Nikki…

When you shine as the gifted individual you are + get messaging that presents what you do in a clear and engaging way, customers will connect with you, pay attention and engage.

You’ll sell more and grow your business in a way that feels good… in the wallet and the soul.

You know you’re ready. You know it’s going to take work. But knowing where to start or what to tweak is overwhelming.

It’s not just you. It’s everyone who ever had the chutzpah to launch a small business.


What if you could start your day knowing EXACTLY how to spend
your time to…

  • Radically focus your attention on Growing. Your. Revenues.

  • Create the business (and life!) that you really want and then take action, quickly.

  • Make decisions, not on the fly, but with a clear strategy and calm intention.

  • Discuss your ideas and work through them without judgement, knowing that you have support to try anything.

  • Operate with a success mindset so you can open yourself up to receive in a big way.



I work with motivated entrepreneurs to launch their big idea or grow their business to the next level with

  • a clear message + story so they always know just what to say online and in person

  • an innovative marketing strategy so they’re seen + heard + sought after by the right people

  • and support to set meaningful goals, make a big positive impact on the world + revenues to match.

After working with me on their copy and strategy, my clients have successfully launched their dream business, expanded to multiple retail locations, and surpassed the six-figure income mark. Want results like that? Let’s talk.