When people ask me what I do, I say, “I help entrepreneurs to grow their business.”


I show people that selling is really about helping and making people happy and when done correctly it feels like a total guilty pleasure.

Everything I do is designed to support and encourage your progress and help you claim big results.



“I zen out meal prepping on Sundays, while binge-watching Coronation Street…
that when I get an idea for a client at 2 in the morning, I get up and take notes…
that I create marketing strategies that feel like warm chocolate brownies…
and because the more love and care and attention I pour into my work,
the more joy, growth + cash I get in return. Good deal, all around!


I’m Nikki Beasley - and as you’ve probably guessed, helping entrepreneurs to grow their business (while adding hefty doses of joy) is kinda what I live for.

People come to me when they’re feeling overwhelmed by marketing gimmicks that don’t feel legit, do-able or even ethical. Together we create new strategies that feel natural and are pleasurable to implement. Strategies that lead to new energy, excitement and opportunities. Also, more sales and happy customers.

I’ve been self-employed for almost 30 years. For 15+ years, I worked on big Hollywood features films and television series. My role as a post production supervisor working with writers, producers, directors and editors gave me a front row seat to the power of storytelling and how a well chosen word can change how people feel and think.

More recently, I ended a 10+ year adventure running a successful ecommerce business called Healthy Gourmet Gifts, specializing in organic, diet appropriate gift boxes. As I learned how to grow my business, I helped my fellow entrepreneurs do the same. I took on my first coaching client 9 years ago, and then another and another etc. etc. Over the last couple of years, my coaching business has grown and is now my main focus, my joy, my calling.

My background gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to grab an audience’s attention, to build excitement and a craving for your products and services. I’ve been around the block and walked a mile or eleventy hundred in your shoes. One thing I know for sure, no one can appreciate the unique challenges that come with launching, running and growing a small business quite like someone who’s done it too.



Or just looking for something more to read because you're actually (halle-freakin'-lujah!) taking a break?

Or, maybe you're sitting quietly at your desk and as long as you're looking at your screen there's a chance no one will bother you, hmmm?

Ok, here's 10 random facts about me.

  1. I was born and raised in South Africa and have a crazy mixed heritage of Italian, Dutch, British, German, African and recently I discovered I’m also part Irish from Kilkenny which explains a lot.

  2. My first full-time job at 18 was answering the phones at a disc jockey company in Markham. The phone hardly rang until I found a yellow pages and started calling companies like McDonalds and London Life. I booked those gigs, and dj’d for a while, too, wearing a pink tuxedo.

  3. I can read html code pretty well. Yup. This is only a cool party trick in certain circles.

  4. I make a serious pot of curry.

  5. I produced and directed a play based on Jack and the Beanstalk. Our presales were amazing, we expanded the seating and sold out and the concession treats and pre-show games were a hit. The doormen had to turn people away. I was 9.

  6. I can’t ride a bike.

  7. When a tagline comes together magically, or product shots are beautiful beyond expectations, or an idea for an offer comes to life, I get goosebumps all over, even on my face. It’s my sign, that’s when I know it’s right.

  8. I met Bishop Desmond Tutu who asked me what I did for a living which led to my leaving film and television production. I did mostly action shows.

  9. I giggle when I hear club tunes from the mid to late eighties. Memories of after-hours clubs in Toronto, lol!

  10. Whiskey, Jamieson’s Irish Whiskey to be exact, that’s my tipple of choice.