You have the power to grow your business and hit your goals with a clear brand message and an effective marketing strategy.

You’re no shrinking violet. And this isn’t rocket science.

Marketing can seem ridiculously hard and overwhelming, I know.

Working late again.png

Real talk? It’s an uphill battle you never anticipated.

Let me guess…

•You spend all your time, energy and focus running your business, putting out fires and yielding to the demands of the daily grind. Also, it’s become your uncomfortable comfort zone.

•You do a ton of work researching the best way to grow your sales, (is there another app/tutorial/webinar for that?!) but you can’t seem to A: actually get the ball rolling or B: keep the ball rolling long enough to see solid results.

•You’ve tried everything, like updating your homepage banner image, ordering new business cards from Vistaprint, hiring an intern to do your social media postings, and even networking at Chamber of Commerce events but you still feel stuck, defeated and frustrated.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way, and in your gut you know it, which makes it all so much harder to bear.

You CAN do work you love + make a decent living + build a business you’re proud of without burning out.

You CAN do whatever the hell you want, actually.

How incredibly fortunate we are, that we can have an idea and turn it into a business that helps people, creates jobs, makes dreams come true + lines our pockets. I’ll be damned if we squander this golden opportunity!

That’s precisely how I help small business owners like you all day, everyday. So let’s talk about how I can help you too. 

There are a few ways I typically work with entrepreneurs with a brilliant online business.
(Or the inklings of one. Or the one that’s been around but neglected + in need of a boost of fresh everything. And mullah mullah, of course.)


GET (quickly) BOOSTED

Focus on and resolve that One Pressing Issue that’s been holding you back. Let’s get it taken care of quickly in one power session so you can get back to bigger and better things.

Investment: $398


GET (seriously) BOOSTED

Make a serious impact on your business in a short space of time. You have a vision and tons of ideas and now you want to refine your path and plan to get you there.

We clarify your goals and growth strategy, define your target audience, create a clear brand voice and message, and refine your products, services + offers.

Walk away with a brand manual as a reference for all your future marketing and sales copy, a content creation guide, an action plan and more.

Investment: Starts at $998


GET (massively) BOOSTED

Receive ongoing, on-demand, strategic support for your business. This package is perfect for the entrepreneur who’s seeking a coach, mentor and strategist who deeply understands their business and can support them in several areas.

When you work with me you’ll benefit from my 10+ years’ experience in marketing – growing brands and businesses. Including one I founded myself! So, I know how to get maximum results with very small budgets.

My background is a fortunate blend of art and commerce and I use every skill to your advantage - my 15+ years in the storytelling industry of film and television production, even my well-honed intuitive skills and NLP training.

Everything you’ve ever done has prepared you for now. You’ve never been more ready, skilled and capable to make your business dreams come true. Like you, everything I’ve done up to now has prepared me to help you. 

So, if you’re looking for an unbiased sounding board for innovative brand + marketing strategy tailored to get you where you want to go with hands-on support to make the process fun + ultimately financially fulfilling, let’s talk.

Investment: Starts at $3500

All Stick8 service packages include:

  • Your vow to make your business growth your #1 priority and to dedicate time in your schedule to do the work needed.

  • My promise to you to do everything I can to make this process easy, fun and way more effective for you.

  • Your joyful acceptance that you won’t be able to procrastinate anymore and that from now on you’re an unstoppable action taker.

  • My cheerleading, ( including but not limited to f*ck yeah!’s + You rock!’s ) and loving butt-kickings as appropriate.


GET (a welcome) BOOST*

  • This is a one-time offer, available to new clients only.

For: Entrepreneurs who have tried a bunch of things, none of which have quite done what they’d hoped for. They know they need help but this time they want to make sure that they’re not wasting their time and money.

The details:

  • You + me, 60-minutes, focused on one main issue in your business.

  • Before our session, you will receive a short questionnaire so I can learn about you and the challenge you’re wanting to resolve.

I will:

Provide you with a recording of our session.


This a great low-risk way to test me out if you’ve been eyeballing my longer-term coaching services for more substantial support, strategy and accountability!

Investment: $148*


I’d want to know.